June 15, 2022

Punk Rock 101: Everything You Need to Know About Punk Rock Music

Punk is more than just a type of music–it’s a philosophy, an attitude, and most importantly, a lifestyle. The term was originally used to describe garage musicians of the 60s. Punk rock bands like The Sonics started with no formal instruction in music. But what they lacked in fancy training, they made up for in raw talent. 

Decades later, punk rock music continues to rise in popularity – not just in the punk scenes that popped up in cities and towns worldwide, but in the many other movements that it inspired. What started as a rebellion against mainstream rock music quickly transformed into a cultural phenomenon. 

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1. The History of Punk Rock Music at a Glimpse

Although the history of punk rock is furiously debated, most sources agree that it first appeared in New York. This was where bands like The Ramones, Blondie, Heartbreakers, and The Talking Heads played regularly in the Bowery District of Manhattan. In fact, the term “punk rock” was first used by American rock critics in the early 70s. 

Punk rock also had an offshoot across the sea in England. Here, the punk scene had political and economic roots. The UK’s economy was in poor shape in the 1970s, with unemployment rates at a record high. This fueled a ton of resentment amongst England’s youth, and British punk rock music reflected their bitterness, anger, opinions, and abject nonacceptance. 

By the late 70s, punk had evolved into a solid musical force and gradually began to split into numerous sub-genres.  

2. Characteristics of Punk Rock Music

In its most nascent form, punk rock is non-conformist, characterized by short formats, fast tempos, distorted riffs, stripped-down instrumentation, and shouted lyrics. Complicated guitar solos–a statement in traditional rock–turned into plain, basic guitar breaks.

Punk rock lyrics are typically aggressive and confrontational. They deal with topics considered taboo in mainstream music: sociopolitical issues and anti-sentimental depictions of relationships, to name a few things. While the experienced anger is the main focus, some songs do include some comedic, light-hearted lyrics.

Additionally, punk rock is renowned for its DIY ethos. Because there are no rules, new musicians can capitalize on the opportunity to create their signature sounds. Punk artists control the entire production and distribution chain, making it easier to maintain a close relationship with fans. Plus, it gives them total authority over the final product.  

Visual aesthetics are a vital part of punk rock. We’re talking leather jackets, ripped jeans, boots, tattoos, piercings, studded accessories–the whole nine yards. Besides, mohawks and long, spiked hairstyles are also inherent to punk culture.  

3. Subgenres of Punk Rock Music

As mentioned, punk has spawned several subgenres over the years. A few of them include: 

  • Hardcore Punk: This punk subset burst out of New York and Los Angeles in the 1980s and 1990s. Hardcore punk took the essence of early punk and cranked it to eleven. In this case, faster, simple riffing, rougher vocals, and extreme sentiments were the norm. 
  • Pop-Punk: Pop-punk music came to the fore with groups like Green Day, The Strokes, and Blink-182. As the name suggests, pop-punk music fuses classic punk elements like fast tempos and loud riffing with pop-influenced vocal styles and lyrical themes. 
  • Emo: Short for emotional hardcore, emo emerged from Washington, DC, in the 80s. While it preserves the basic skeleton of hardcore punk, the lyrics are often introspective and emotional. Furthermore, the music is melodic and less structured. 
  • Post-Punk: This punk genre grew in the late 1970s, as artists swapped punk’s traditional raw simplicity with more avant-garde ideas and non-rock influences.  

4. The Greatest Punk Rock Bands of All Time

Over the years, numerous punk rock bands have dominated radio broadcasts. However, a few will go down in the history of punk rock as the greatest, most prominent, most shocking artists to ever exist. Let’s learn more about them! 

A. Sex Pistols

It’s impossible to talk about British punk without talking about the Sex Pistols. This iconic punk rock band generated headlines for its obscene TV appearances, hairstyles, and clothing. Controversies aside, they did give punk rock music some of its most famous hits. Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols is widely regarded as a defining moment in the history of punk rock

B. The Ramones

Sharp rhythms, pop sensibilities, and extremely short runtimes were all hallmarks of The Ramones. Although they are cited as one of the first true punk rock bands, they achieved limited commercial success initially. The Ramones rarely played in venues larger than clubs and traveled around by van. Their legend only began to grow a few years after they disbanded in 1996. 

C. The Clash

Over their brief seven-year journey, The Clash produced one of the strongest catalogs in punk rock history. Some of their biggest hits are their self-titled debut LP and the critically acclaimed masterpiece, London Calling.   

D. Black Flag

In keeping with their name, the American punk rock band Black Flag made songs of social isolation, neurosis, poverty, depression, and paranoia. Their anti-authoritarian message and emphasis on the DIY punk ethic are well-respected within the punk subculture. 

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Punk has a pulse of its own. Often hidden beneath a sarcastic and hostile façade, it is an archetype of rebellion, despair, and alienation. Despite its transformations, punk rock continues to hold true to its anti-establishment and nonconformist sentiments, critiquing complacent social norms through powerful music.  

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