July 7, 2021

The Ultimate Date Night: River Street Jazz Cafe

Movies used to be the go-to date night, now the new date night trend is enjoying food and listening to live music. There is something special about the scenery of a restaurant with some music that makes date night a whole new experience. While it’s nice to sit in the theater to see a film, sitting outside at a restaurant and listening to musicians play makes for a better evening for a few reasons. 

Benefits of Listening to Live Music 

There are many benefits to listening to live music. Music is a mood booster, and studies show that live music is proven to reduce stress and improve your health. The way this works is by lowering the stress hormone cortisol throughout your body. And another health benefit to listening to live music is how it increases learning and memory. When you are listening to music, it helps you remember the information that you have retained. 

While this last note is not a health benefit, it is a benefit for your next date night. After hiring a babysitter and wanting a nice night out, choosing a place that offers music is the best bet. According to the National Library of Medicine, “Within subject comparisons revealed higher food and fluid intake and longer meal duration while listening to music but no significant differences in music speed or volume.” To make your date night longer and more enjoyable, choose a place that offers live music. 

Types of Music 

There is something special about relaxing with a glass of wine and your significant other that makes date night special. Adding live entertainment makes this time even more so. Smooth jazz has “healing powers” as this music automatically helps people destress. Upbeat music like pop and hip hop causes a release of endorphins which is known as the happy hormone. Country and folksy music gives people a joyful experience. Any one of these musical experiences can make date night the perfect night. To make your next date night the best night choose River Street Jazz Cafe and check out our lineup of upcoming shows!