Kung Fu (Fall Tour)

Proud to be firmly installed in the new-funk movement, Kung Fu is quickly popularizing their unique sonic contribution, blurring the line between intense electro-fusion, and blistering dance arrangements. Making fusion music “cool” again. The band draws influences such as early Headhunter and Weather Report and merges those idea with contemporary EDM informed sensibility. Imagine 70s funk-fusion meets modern dance party. Although the ensemble cast enjoys a seasoned pedigree that reads like a late-night summer festival all-star jam, this fledgling ‘nu-sion” project is growing a unique and rabid following by commanding audiences at theaters, club, & major national festivals. Tim Palmieri (guitar & vocals), Robert Summerville (tenor sax & vocals), Beau Sasser (keyboards & vocals), Chris DeAngelis (bass & vocal), and Adrian Tramontano (drums & percussion)

 Poster - Live At The River Street Jazz Cafe