July 1, 2022

Meet RAEL – The Music of Early Genesis in August!

The rock band known as Genesis has a long history dating back to 1967. Formed by five students of the Charterhouse School in Godalming, Surrey, Peter Gabriel, Tony Banks, Anthony “Ant” Phillips, Mike Rutherford, and drummer Chris Stewart first released an album called From Genesis to Revelation. Soon afterward, they would split and reconvene with different members several times afterward. They had a style and rhythm that stuck with their audience, so much so that tribute bands formed to replicate the different eras of music made by Genesis. One such tribute band is Rael, who performs the music of early Genesis.

This tribute band wants you to know exactly who they’re celebrating. There is no mistaking who they want to sound like, but also that they’re their own thing. Now, for the show of a lifetime, Rael performs not only the music of early Genesis but with Peter Gabriel as well, one of the original band members! This isn’t a performance you can miss!

The Music of Genesis and Peter Gabriel

Peter Gabriel was a singer on Genesis’s original lineup and performed with the band until he left in 1975. He’s their lead vocalist for albums such as:

  • From Genesis to Revelation (1967)
  • Trespass (1970)
  • Nursery Cryme (1971)
  • Foxtrot (1972)
  • Selling England by the Pound (1973)
  • The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (1974)

About this time period, Lloyd Gold–lead singer of Rael–noted in an article by the Daily News Online that early performances “often saw Gabriel wearing costumes.” During this time, Genesis played music he considered “more adventurous.” This was a time when he considered Genesis’s music to have “musical complexity, lyrical storytelling and theatrical stage presence.”

This is the era that Rael – the Music of Genesis is trying to pay tribute to. Other bands perform songs and albums from after Peter Gabriel left the band, but if you want to hear more classical performances, this is the tribute band to listen to.

Genesis Post-Peter Gabriel

After Peter Gabriel left, Phil Collins became the band’s front man, another talented performer in his own right. You would know him best from his famous solo work on Tarzan, particularly for the songs, “In the Air Tonight” and “You’ll Be In My Heart.”

Post-Gabriel, Genesis became a part of the New Wave rock movement that followed the era of progressive rock that they developed in their earlier albums. They would perform and create new albums before breaking out in America while Gabriel was well with his own solo work.

Where Does the Name “Rael” Come From?

If you aren’t the biggest diehard of diehard fans of Genesis, you would be forgiven for not recognizing where the name “Rael” comes from. Lloyd Gold acknowledged that his band’s name is far from obvious.

Rael is a character in “The Lambs Die Down on Broadway,” a single on the album of the same name. Rael was “a Puerto Rican youth in New York City, [who found] himself on a journey of self-discovery that includes bizarre incidents and characters.”

The tribute band–made up of the aforementioned lead vocalist Lloyd Gold, Michael LaBuono on keyboards, Mike Belmonte on backing vocals, bass, and bass pedals, Paul Sheehan on drums and cymbals, and Sal Locascio on guitar–all felt a strong connection to this character back when they first formed in 2013.

Get Your Tickets to See Rael Now!

Expect to hear music from your favorite Genesis albums like The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway and Foxtrot on August 6th! Rael will be performing songs from the early music of Genesis and the solo work written and performed by Peter Gabriel. This is not a show you want to miss. Get your tickets now while you can!

Doors open at 7:30 PM for an 8:30 PM performance. All attendees must be 21 or older to attend.