September 15, 2022

Indie-Fest Comes to Wilkes-Barre

Indies are a part of every art form, including movies, video games, and especially music. If you’re not familiar with the term, indies are independent creators who make art without the financial backing or support of a big corporate entity. With Spotify and online music storefronts like iTunes, indie creators have more ways than ever to get their music out there. But new digital platforms can’t help with getting indie musicians on a stage. That’s what Indie-Fest is for.

Indie-Fest is an event hosted at the River Street Jazz Cafe where several indie creators are putting on a show. Usually, the Jazz Cafe has one to two performers, but during Indie-Fest, we have several different musical performances.

What’s So Special About Indie Creators?

There’s nothing wrong with pop music. Music wouldn’t become pop music if there was nothing to like about it. But sometimes, all that differentiates the next hit pop artist and a band saving up for a studio session, is that one got into the right spotlight at the right time. 

The classic musicians from the times of Beethoven to the days of the Beatles will always be popular. The best singles that everyone listens to today will always have their time on Spotify. But, here’s the thing about classic music and genres: it doesn’t change. 

It’s more often than not that we see popular artists make music they’re known for and get pigeonholed into making similar things over and over again. Whether it’s to make money, it’s easier than changing it up, or because a label tells them to, there’s not always a ton of new stuff for avid music listeners to discover from known voices.

Indie musicians have all the freedom in the world to find their sound and try to make something new that works. They have no specific person that they need to impress, make happy, or answer to. Indie musicians have real freedom to go nuts and experiment, and at Indie-Fest you can hear that experimentation live.

Who’s Gonna Be At Indie-Fest?

By definition, indie creators are going to be unknown to most people, but the goal of any indie creator should be to get out there so that changes. These are also performers who have found success performing, so it may be someone you know, and if not, someone you will know.

  • James Barrett: Who says that music can’t tell a story? Barrett creates music with dramatic narratives, such as in his single, “Oh My God.” 
  • Those Clever Foxes: For people who listen to music that plays a bit faster, Those Clever Foxes perform punk rock originals, having just released their new EP, “Church Bells on Sunday.”
  • Brendan Brisk: Don’t let the name fool you, this isn’t one man but a whole band. Originally, Brendan Brisk created all of his music himself, performing all the instruments, but he formed the Brendan Brisk Band to bring his music sound to a live performance.
  • Rosary Guild: With two albums and a single, their folk music is a mix of hard rock instrumentation with jazz influences. Together, they’re sure to bring something new to the Jazz Cafe.
  • American Buffalo Ghost: Explore a modern take on folk music with this solo artist when he performs his new album.
  • Joe Burke & Co.: If you’re a big fan of indie folk music, Joe Burke & Co. will be sure to perform something you don’t hear that often on the radio.
  • Sweetness: These female-led folk music performers have been active in our local area for a long time and we are so excited to have them come to perform!

Get Your Tickets to Indie-Fest Today!

Everyone’s heard the story. Small-town musicians fighting to get discovered, and how else do they do that if they don’t perform, sell their music, and advertise themselves? Indie-Fest and other events like it are some of the best ways musicians can do that. You can’t meet new people if you don’t go anywhere.

Come see these performers live while you can, and hear them as their musical journey is hitting its stride as indie-musicians. The show starts at 6:00 PM, on Friday, October 14th, so get your tickets online now while you can!