October 3, 2022

What Are the Health Benefits of Music?

We all love music! Depending on the person you are, you’ll gravitate toward certain beats or rhythms. Those break the music down into different genres. It’s all about what you like, what you prefer, and what makes you feel good. Have you ever wondered if you’re gaining anything from listening to your favorite music? Music has helped people through many different things, such as grieving, sadness, happiness, working out, etc. 

You can always count on music to fix your mood. There are so many different health benefits to listening to music. The River Street Jazz Cafe has a calendar full of different music events you can enjoy. 

Genre Benefits

Although music has many benefits, these five basic genres also have benefits. Those genres are classical, jazz, rap, pop, and heavy metal. Everyone has their preference on what they prefer to listen to while doing different things. Researchers found that classical music helps with relaxation, concentration, memory, and cognition. Jazz is best after a long day when it’s time to relax. Rap often tells stories about people overcoming obstacles, which is why some people look at it for inspiration. Pop music is most listened to when people are working out because it increases endurance. Last, but not least, we have heavy metal. This type of music is found to increase self-confidence in a person. 

Helps Control Moods

Any music you prefer can help control and balance your mood. When you listen to music, your stress hormone levels drop. Music also gives you a boost of dopamine, which is known as the reward hormone. The part of the brain that is the center of your emotions is also the part that controls your moods. Of course, happy music will only make you happier, but sad music can regulate your mood as well. If you listen to sad music while being sad, your mood does improve because that “reward hormone” is still being released. When listening to relatable music, you realize you are not alone. In this case, it helps ease your mood. 

Reduces Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

We all stress about different situations however, stress is a part of growing, whether we enjoy it or not. There are different types of stress – acute stress and chronic stress. Acute stress can turn into chronic stress if not dealt with properly. As soon as the stress passes, we feel relieved. Your cortisol levels are what help control your stress. Music is known to reduce acute stress, which reduces your chances of developing chronic stress. Anxiety and depression are mental health disorders that have grown bigger in the past decade. Anxiety has affected around 40 million adults in the U.S. Anxiety and depression can be treated with medication prescribed by your doctor or through therapy. Some people prefer neither and use writing as an outlet instead. Music has also become a big outlet too. Many big artists talk about how music has gotten them through their darkest moments. Most fans and music lovers relate to their music because it lets them know better days are ahead. Listening to music releases that “reward hormone” known as dopamine that plays a big role in helping relieve anxiety and depression.

Increase Motivation

This is one of music’s biggest benefits. It increases your motivation for anything. Sometimes, you need that boost to start your day or get pumped for the gym. The tempo in the music makes all the difference. A study performed on cyclists showed that when the tempo of the music was increased by 10%, their performance increased in distance, pedaling speed, and power exerted. However, when they decreased the tempo by 10%, the effect was the complete opposite. It is also known to have a lasting effect on athletes or teams. You will find that most athletes have a song they listen to get their heads in the game. This is their pre-game pump-up song. There is also something known as the post-game song played after a big win. At this point, it won’t matter what genre the song is because everyone is on the same level of excitement.

Increase Sleep Ability

All of these benefits allow you to sleep better when you listen to music. Once your body is at ease, it is easier to relax. It was found that classical music is the best for students, it helps them sleep better. Classical music is best because it is known to bring you relaxation. There are types of music designed for deep relaxation by using specific frequencies and binaural beats.

Tune In to The Jazz Cafe

Come check out the Jazz Cafe located on River Street in Wilkes Barre! Let’s ease your stress and get you better rest. Our selection of Jazz music is endless. You can sit back, relax and enjoy our famous mac-n-cheez. If you would like to just come in after a long day and enjoy our great tunes, we would love that as well! Check out our calendar to see what times and dates best suit you!