May 15, 2022

Flux Capacitor & Microcave Live!

Do you know what’s better than one rock band? Two rock bands! On May 27th, the River Street Jazz Cafe is going to host Flux Capacitor with Microcave opening up the show. For those who don’t know, it may sound strange for one band to open up a show for another. Wouldn’t they want to be the headliner? 

In practice, it’s important to have an opening performance to warm up the audience. As excited as a group of people can be for the headliner, it’s hard to get people to jump up and down and cheer on the fly. Most people don’t just explode with excitement the second the headliner comes on stage. You would be hard-pressed to find a band that hasn’t headlined without needing an opening act to get the crowd ready for them. Hence, why we have opening acts.

Opening acts are also perfect for helping newer bands grow their audience. Some people may come for the headliner, but leave the performance a fan of one more band. In this case, both our headliner and our opener are big names that we’re happy to have on stage.

Who is Flux Capacitor?

Named after a piece of technology that helped Marty McFly and Doc Brown time-travel in Back to the Future, this band has a sense of style and personality to their performance. Founded by three brothers–Pete, Jason, and Mike Specht–Flux Capacitor work together in unison to create a psychedelic sound that cannot be missed. Odds are, you’ve never heard anything like them.

They have a steady schedule of regional touring since they took off in their hometown of Reading and then later in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. There, they were able to broaden the band’s name recognition and get the chance to perform at a litany of festivals including:

  • Bonnaroo 
  • Peach Fest
  • Wormtown Music Festival 
  • Domefest 
  • Werk-Out West.

What Kind of Music Does Flux Capacitor Play?

Flux Capacitor’s psychedelic sounds come from melding rock with electronica. Electronica is another style of music that combines musical sounds from techno and rave to create ambient cerebral sound. Combine this with rock’s anti-establishment roots and the use of classic instruments like guitar, bass, and drums, and you have the unique sound of Flux Capacitor. A sound they have mastered over four original albums.

Who is Microcave?

This American rock band has a wide range of experience opening shows for other bands. This means they are exceptionally skilled at preparing crowds to get excited and respond to the show ahead of them. They have experience opening for other bands like:

  • The Wonder Years 
  • Letlive 
  • Have Mercy 
  • Man Overboard 
  • Tiny Moving Parts 
  • Motion City Soundtrack 
  • Jimmy Eat World 
  • Can’t Swim 
  • The Dangerous Summer
  • Boston Manor

Suffice to say, they come highly recommended, and like Flux Capacitor, they perform their original songs across their three original albums. 

In feat worth commending, since their founding back in 2012, the band has mostly grown. They still have three of their original members, Nathan Hardy on guitar and lead vocals, Tyler Hill on bass and backing vocals, and Timothy “Tito” Pittard on drums. In 2016, they added another guitarist and backing vocals with Travis Hill.

Hear Flux Capacitor and Microcave Live on May 27th

This is a once-in-a-lifetime show where you can listen to original music from locals as their opened up by a band with expertise in opening up shows. From start to finish, this show will be full of energy, exciting music, and entertainment. Get your tickets now or pick them up at the door for an added fee! You must be 21 years or older to attend. The doors open at 8:00 PM, with the show starting at 9:00!