July 15, 2022

Two-for-One Punk Rock Bands Flatfoot 56 and Blanks 77!

America has had a deep history of punk rock since the 1970s. While that may not seem so long ago, the subculture it created expanded far outside of just music. Ideologies, fashion styles, visual arts, literature, dance, films, and more all wanted to be their own special kind of punk. It’s led to the style having a more prolonged effect on American culture than other styles of music, so much so that we still see punk style today.

There are still people who wear their hair in spikes, make art about rebellion, and jam out to aggressive, loud, fast-paced music that can only be accurately labeled as punk rock. This subculture has left an unforgettable mark on American culture.

To celebrate this subculture, we have not one, but two American punk rock bands coming to the River Street Jazz Cafe to perform. Flatfoot 56 and Blanks 77 are coming together for a show no punk rock fan wants to miss.

Flatfoot 56

Flatfoot 56 American Celtic punk rock band comes from Chicago, Illinois. What differentiates other punk rock styles from a Celtic rock style is the inclusion of themes, instruments, and existing music from Celtic culture. Celtic is a group of people from Ireland, Wales, and Scotland, so there’s even more variation amongst Celtic rock bands. This helps distinguish Flatfoot 56 from the many other punk rock bands around.

The Members of Flatfoot 56

The band was originally formed by three brothers: Tobin Bawinkel, Justin Bawinkel, and Kyle Bawinkel. Tobin was the lead guitarist, Justin played drums, Kyle played the bass, and they all performed vocals. This multi-talented group would then expand with members bringing in new instruments such as:

  • Josh Robieson on the bagpipes and mandolin
  • Jon Nowicki on the drums
  • Keith Perez on the mandolin, guitar, and vocals
  • Eric McMahon on the bagpipes, guitar, and bass drum
  • Brandon Good on the mandolin, guitar, and vocals
  • Conrad Allsworth on the drums
  • Adam Christiansen on the guitar

Since their inception, the roster hasn’t stayed permanent with several members leaving, including Brandon Good and Justin Bawinkel. Flatfoot 56’s concerts are currently performed by:

  • Tobin Bawinkel
  • Kyle Bawinkel
  • Jon Nowicki
  • Josh Robieson
  • Keith Perez
  • Eric McMahon

Blanks 77

Blanks 77 is an American punk rock band that has been performing on and off for years, taking breaks between the numerous albums and singles they’ve released. When they perform on stage, they like to partner with other bands, making them the perfect partner for Flatfoot 56. They’ve partnered with the likes of:

  • The Misfits
  • Rancid
  • Dwarves
  • The Business
  • Bad Brains
  • The Bouncing Souls
  • One Way System
  • Anti-Nowhere League
  • Anti-Heros
  • Dropkick Murphys
  • GBH
  • The Criminals
  • UK Subs
  • Total Chaos

This experience has helped them shape their sound into something that stands out from the crowd, while also meshing well with others.

The Members of Blanks 77

Formed by a group of high school friends, Mike Blank and Chad 77, along with Renee Wasted, who they met through a musical ad. The three of them built out the band by recruiting new members. With Mike Blank on vocals, Chad 77 on drums, and Renee Wasted on guitar, they sought out and found their first bassist in Brendan, who was eventually replaced by Geoff Kresge and then by Tim Blank, who is with the band today. They would eventually disband for several years, before coming back together with their modern incarnation:

  • Mike Blank
  • Chad 77
  • Renee Wasted
  • Tim “TJ” Blank

Get Your Tickets to See Flatfoot 56 and Blanks 77 Together!

For one night, these two punk rock bands are coming to the NEPA area to play a concert for punk rock fans in the area. Get your tickets now online while you still can!