November 4, 2021

Dean Ford and the Beautiful Ones Tribute Performance

More than just a tribute band, Dean Ford and the Beautiful Ones seem to have the spirit of Prince with them during every performance. They provide their audiences with a tribute experience unlike any other. Aside from the talented covers of his songs, such as those on the “Purple Rain” album, Dean Ford presents himself as Prince’s doppelganger, carrying on his funky and groovy demeanor with almost identical vocals.

The Making of the Beautiful Ones

It all started in 2011, when Maine native Dean Ford and some of his musician friends decided to put on a tribute show for Prince, their favorite artist and performer. The first show sold out, and Dean quickly found his calling in embodying the spirit of the Prince of Pop himself. They performed the first tribute in Portland, Maine, with the endearing title, “Purple Brainz.” This consisted of a full cover of every song on the “Purple Rain” record, front to back.

They went on to pack numerous venues to the brim, continuously performing for ravenous crowds of Prince fanatics. In fact, they became so well-known that the Prince look-alike had the honor of performing alongside Prince and The Revolution’s own keyboard master, Matt “Doctor” Fink. Though, he recently has been putting on tributes with his core band, The Beautiful Ones.

They eventually evolved beyond just recreating Prince’s “Purple Rain” album and began to perform pieces from some of his other famous records like “1999” and “Sign of the Times.” With their shows lasting up to three hours long, they have plenty of time to fit in many of his greatest hits.

Dean Ford and the Beautiful Ones Today

When the world lost The Artist Formerly Known As Prince in 2016, the show had a whole new appreciation. In fact, an interview with Ford revealed he was planning on canceling the show he had scheduled for the weekend after his passing but decided to keep it on after he learned from the venue that tickets were completely sold out. Their fans had a much greater desire to see the show now that it was a way to honor the life of the great and talented musician. Audiences felt more of an emotional connection to the shows since they were experiencing a performance that they felt only Prince himself could deliver, but Dean Ford has mastered the act.

Being able to celebrate and remember such a brilliant musician in this way is an incredible gift that Dean Ford and The Beautiful Ones have given to the world. The music community suffered a great loss when Prince passed away in 2016, but Ford is determined not to let the light die out. Being able to perform on stages across the country and recreate the energy of such a unique and cherished performer is an incredible privilege for Ford, and an even greater privilege for his audiences.

Reserve Your Spot at the River Street Jazz Cafe!

See it for yourself as Dean Ford and The Beautiful Ones electrify the room at River Street Jazz Cafe this Friday, November 5th. Buy your tickets here to experience the magic of Prince’s music come to life and party like it’s 1999!