March 27, 2020

Coronavirus Impact on Music Industry

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) impacts every aspect of life, industries everywhere are taking a major hit, including the music industry. From independent singers and songwriters, musicians, deejays, record labels and more, the music industry as an entirety is feeling the impact of coronavirus.

With many musicians forced to cancel shows and entire tours, their stream of income has been significantly hit in a way that was unprecedented in the industry. But with live shows canceled for the foreseeable future, how can we still support our favorite musicians while staying safe?

Buy Albums and Merch – Support the Music Industry

While you can’t see your favorite artists perform live right now, you can still support them financially from afar. If you have a flexible income, take this opportunity to buy albums and merchandise from your favorite musicians. 

Some artists are even offering digital concerts you can stream into. If that’s an option, see if you can support your band that way! 


You recently may have received a refund from a show you were supposed to attend. Check out the bands’ social media channels to see if they have a Venmo or Patreon account that you can donate the refund to.

Share The Word

We live in a digital era which means though we are not physically connected, we are still able to communicate with technology. Utilize your own social media to share the music you enjoy with your friends and family. Who knows, it may become their new favorite band and they’ll end up supporting the artist, too.

Emotionally Support

Everyone is impacted by the coronavirus in some way. If you cannot financially support your favorite artists who may be struggling, show them love in any way you can. Post a photo to social media, share a video of you singing their songs. Anything to get their spirits, and yours, lifted.

Stimulus Relief – Helping the Music Industry

On Wednesday evening, the Senate passed the coronavirus stimulus package which will help many Americans who are struggling right now. This includes a portion of the package benefiting “self-employed musicians, songwriters, and music support crew who make under $100,000 annually…[these] individuals are eligible to apply for relief grants and loans such as emergency economic injury disaster loan (EIDL) grants.”

Now more than ever, people around the world are looking to music to free their minds and find peace during this health pandemic. From singing out of windows, to cover songs of inspirational tunes, music and art will help get America through this crisis.